To make this syllabus, I consulted lots of courses from many instructors who graciously made their syllabi public and shared links on Twitter. I include links to those syllabi below, as both a way of acknowledging their help and as a resource for future DH syllabus construction.

I also want to thank the many people from whom I got advice and inspiration for this course, including Doug Knox, Steve Pentecost, Whitney Trettien, Scott Weingart, Alison Langmead, Matt Lavin, Melanie Walsh, Dan Sinykin, Wendy Wall, Joe Loewenstein, Meredith Kelling, and Anna Preus.


(in no particular order)

Weingart, Introduction to Digital Humanities, Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2020

Heider, Digital History, Temple University, Spring 2019

Dombrowski, Digital Humanities Across Borders, Stanford University, Fall 2020

Posner, Digital Humanities 201, UCLA, Winter 2019

Des Jardin, East Asian Digital Humanities, University of Pennsylvania, 2019

Hannah, Digital Humanities Foundations, Purdue University, Fall 2019

Cordell, Introduction to Digital Humanities, Northeastern University, Spring 2020

Singh, Decolonizing (Digital) Humanities, Lehigh University, Fall 2020

Gold and Josephs, Introduction to Digital Humanities, CUNY, Fall 2019

Otis, Clio Wired, George Mason University, Fall 2020

Underwood, History and Theory of Digital Humanities, UIUC, Fall 2020