Assignments and Grading

On this page you’ll find the main assignments for our course. Detailed descriptions of each assignment, especially the instructions and resources for the Labs, will be posted to the Github Classroom for our course. You will also use Github Classroom to turn in assignments and receive feedback, and you’ll receive a link to the Github Classroom from me when class begins. Additional resources will be available on Notebowl:


Assignment Breakdown

Assignment Percentage
Code Glossary 15%
Lab Work & Reports 50%
Oral Presentation 10%
Final Project 25%

Lateness and Extensions

I know that things don’t always go according to plan. If you need an extension, simply ask for one (by email), and you’ll almost always receive it. You don’t need an excuse to receive an extension!

However, you must ask for the extension at least 24 hours before the assignment deadline. When you email about an extension, please propose a new deadline for the assignment (a good rule of thumb is 2 or 3 days after the original deadline). Any work received late without an agreed-upon extension may result in a late penalty.

Code Glossary

As we learn new R skills throughout the semester, you’ll create and revise a glossary of key terms with examples. You will turn in updates to the glossary periodically, in place of a lab report for that week.

Lab Work & Reports

In weekly labs you’ll practice, apply, and extend the topics and skills you learn in class. Labs will include topics from different domains (e.g. biology, political science, sociology, entertainment, &c.). Some labs will be individual assignments, while others will require you to collaborate with a small group. Each lab will include a lab report.

Instructions and resources for each lab will be posted on NoteBowl/ActiveClass, where you’ll also turn in your reports and other assignments.

Due by 11:59pm on the night before your next lab session. (So, Sunday nights for those of you with Monday lab and Tuesday nights for those of you with Wednesday lab.) You’ll receive feedback from me typically by Thursday or Friday of that same week.

Each lab assignment is weighted equally in determining your final lab grade, and overall, labs are worth 50% of your final course grade.

Oral Presentation

During the final week of class, you’ll give a short presentation explaining the topic of your final projects and some of your main findings. This is distinct from the written report on your final project.

Final Project

The final project will be a culmination of the skills you have learned in the weeks prior, and will offer more flexibility in your design, data choices, and approach, while demonstrating mastery of the breadth of skills discussed in the course. Potential topics will be discussed and approved with the instructor. Final reports will discuss the data, analytical approach, and a visual presentation of the results.

You’ll submit the project in several stages, and more detail on those deadlines will be posted to Github Classroom.

Grading Scale

Letter Grade Point Total
A+ 97-100
A 93-96
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62
F <60