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Course Description

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What do your brain’s neurons, Google’s search algorithm, an ant colony, and the characters on House of the Dragon all have in common? They can all be described with networks. In this project-based course on network analysis, you’ll develop the foundational skills of this advanced data analysis topic as you apply network models and techniques to a wide variety of domains and disciplines. You’ll also learn to use popular network software and to analyze networks with code. You will extend your programming and modeling skills in this course as you learn the ropes of this special kind of data analysis.

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe and apply network theories and concepts in diverse fields of study.
  • Outline the history of network analysis and its relationship to global economic, political, and social trends.
  • Enhance the analysis and comprehension of networks with visualization.
  • Identify the basic types of networks and understand the techniques used to determine their structure.
  • Use professional network analysis tools to solve common problems of information processing.
  • Develop network models appropriate to specific knowledge domains.
  • Analyze complex problems in a number of disciplines with network models.